Premium 14 day aged Beef boxes

USDA Certified and 100% Natural Beef

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Tenderness you can cut with a fork

At no extra charge, all of our customer’s beef is aged for 14 days to provide an even higher quality result. You will experience tenderness you can cut with a fork, enhanced flavor the moment it hits your tongue, and an experience that will continue to bring you back for more.

What is dry aging?
To enhance flavor and texture, dry aging beef is a practice that has been around for thousands of years. By controlling the humidity, air flow, and temperature, the aging process allows the beef to take on new flavors coupled with the natural breakdown of enzymes in the beef to improve tenderness.

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The Process

From Our ranch to your table

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Purchase Your Beef

Choose your preferred beef box and purchase your beef today (approx. 10 lbs of beef).

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Processing & Aging

After the beef has been processed, it is then aged for two weeks. The beef is then vacuum-sealed and prepared for shipment.

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Shipping & Delivery

After your beef is processed, we ship it right to your front door to be enjoyed.

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Best Quality

Why beef from Lazy T Ranch?

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100% Natural

Our cattle eat natural feed their entire lives and drink from artesian wells and natural springs found across our ranch.

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Happy Cows

We work hard to create a stress-free environment for our cattle. We ride horseback whenever we move our cattle; ATVs and side by sides are not allowed. This provides less stress on the cattle while we work.

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Lazy T Ranch is a family-owned and operated business. We take pride in the quality of beef produced here at our ranch.

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No Chemicals or Hormones

Our cattle are raised as naturally as possible. From birth to your table, they're not subject to added chemicals or hormones.