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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any additional questions, please give the ranch a call! 

What can I order from Lazy T?

You can order beef from Lazy T! Our beef package currently comes in one size; half-beef. This package includes about 320 lbs of beef in various cuts. Do you have enough space for a whole beef? Order two half-beefs for a total of 640 lbs of beef.

When will I receive my order?

All beef processing is completed between late February and into March. Orders are scheduled to ship out in March.

How much does the beef generally weigh?

Our half-beef package of beef will weigh about 320 lbs.

How long should my beef last?

Beef is freezer safe up to 2 years, but for best quality we recommend using it within a year.

How long can it stay in the freezer?

Beef is freezer safe for up to 2 years.

What kind of freezer will I need?

To store the beef, you'll need a chest or stand-up freezer. We recommend a stand-up freezer so you can organize it easier for quicker identification.

What are the cattle eating?

The cattle live on grasslands in the Big Horn mountains and then are given a precise feed diet later to monitor their growth and improve the quality of beef.

Where does this beef come from?

Ten Sleep, Wyoming; located right at the mouth of the Big Horn Mountain range.

Is Lazy T a subscription based food service?

No, Lazy T does not offer subscription beef boxes. If you'd like to purchase our beef, you can purchase it in half or whole beef quantities here.

What makes your beef so special?

Lazy T Ranch offers natural spring water mixed with 14 natural artesian wells that our cattle drink from every day. Not only are they receiving clean and pure water, but they are open grazing on some of the most nutrient-rich feed Wyoming has to offer. We believe in a stress-free environment allowing our cattle to live a happier life.

Do you have any recipes?

Yes! Visit our recipe blog here.

Will my order come frozen?

Your order will be dry-aged and then cryo-sealed and shipped with dry ice in order to maintain the highest quality.