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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have additional questions, give the ranch a call!

What can I order from Lazy T?

We currently offer 4 different beef boxes: The Stetson, The Chuckwagon, The Wrangler, and The Ten Sleep. Click here to view our beef box selections.

When will I receive my order?

All beef processing is completed between late February and into March. Orders are scheduled to ship out in March.

How much does a beef box weigh?

Each beef box weighs about 8-12 lbs.

What is a beef box?

A beef box is a selection of beef packaged and shipped to your home. For our boxes, we chose our favorite, dry-aged cuts guaranteed to bring the steakhouse to your front door.

How long should my beef last?

Beef is freezer safe for up to 2 years. For best quality, we recommend using it within a year.

How long can beef stay in the freezer?

Beef is freezer safe for up to 2 years.

Will a beef box fit in my freezer?

ur beef boxes contain 8-12 lbs of premium beef. In most freezers, one cubic foot of space holds 35 lbs of food. Most freezers should accommodate our beef boxes. Unless you want to stock up! If that’s the case, you may want to snag a chest or stand-up freezer.

What are the cattle eating?

Our cattle spend their lives grazing in the Bighorn Mountains. Later they’re given a precise feed diet to improve the quality of beef.

Where does your beef come from?

Ten Sleep, Wyoming, located at the base of the Bighorn Mountains.

Is Lazy T a subscription-based food service?

No, Lazy T does not offer subscription beef boxes. Instead, we offer beef boxes at a flat price, giving you the freedom to choose the selection of cuts best suited to your tastes.

What makes your beef so special?

At Lazy T Ranch, we’re passionate about giving our cattle happy, low-stress lives. Our cattle drink from natural springs and 14 artesian wells. Not only do they receive clean, pure water, but they graze on the most nutritious feed Wyoming has to offer. We believe the quality of beef is attributed to the details, which is also why we dry age our beef for 21 days and fill our beef boxes with quality, steakhouse-worthy cuts. Taste the difference!

Do you have any recipes?

Yes! Visit our recipe blog here.

Will my order come frozen?

To maintain the highest quality, we will cryo-seal your dry-aged beef and ship it with dry ice.