The Story of Your Beef

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The story of your beef

We’re not afraid of hard work

There are different ways of raising cattle, but to us, there is one right way. It often means long hours and prioritizing our animals’ well-being over efficiency.

What matters to us is ranching with integrity. We devote ourselves to the entire process, from conception to dry-aging and packaging, to give you quality beef at an affordable price.

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Our ranch contains natural springs, artesian wells, and sweeping acres. The adequate grazing land ensures that our cattle eat 100% all-natural feed.

Our Story - Farm Webflow Template
the story of your beef

Ranch Life

This isn’t a factory but a wild landscape of canyons, grasslands, and natural water. Our calves are born and raised on Lazy T Ranch, where they spend their days grazing and roaming the hills. We do all we can to give them healthy lives. Our passion for ethical ranching and quality beef keeps us going.

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ranch features

artesian water & Natural feed

What is artesian water?
Lazy T Ranch is blessed with 14 artesian wells. They contain groundwater that naturally exits the earth at high pressure, which filters contaminants and adds beneficial minerals. We believe clean water and natural feed are necessities, not only to keep our cattle healthy but to produce delicious, good-for-you beef.

We have 14 artesian wells spread across the ranch offering our cattle fresh water.

Did you know cows have 3 stomachs that help them further digest food? This allows their bodies to absorb every single nutrient provided by the feed.

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What your cow eats matters

After grazing our cattle all spring and summer, we send them to the feedlot where professional cattle ranchers monitor their weight and food intake for 120 days. The cattle eat a mix of grain, corn, silage, and other food. With this feed, the cattle gain about 3 lbs a day and develop healthy marbling in their meat, which tremendously increases the grade of beef.

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ranch features

Transportation & Processing center

We transport our cattle as little as possible. Doing this keeps the animals relaxed, which prevents a spike in cortisol levels and thus protects the quality of beef. Luckily, we have everything nearby, so we don’t need to transport our cattle long distances.

Our processing center is located in east Idaho.

Lazy T Beef is dry aged for 21 days to enhance the flavor and tenderness.

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dry aging & meat cutter

The cut that counts

Dry aging is a tedious process combining 3 key elements: humidity, airflow, and temperature. Humidity slows the escape of moisture and protects the natural juices in the meat. Airflow forms a crust around the beef while temperature control keeps the beef from spoiling. Dry aging has been practiced for thousands of years. It allows the beef to take on a whole new flavor and, because of the natural breakdown of enzymes within the beef, improves tenderness. All our beef is dry-aged for 21 days to provide enhanced flavor and unforgettable tenderness. We don’t stop there. Quality meat also means quality cuts. Our perfectly marbled beef is sent to our experienced meat cutter to cut, age, and pack each order.

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Free shipping

quality meat shipped to your door

When you purchase from Lazy T Ranch, you know everything about your beef, from where it was raised to who oversaw the entire process. We offer free shipping to most states through UPS and package each order with dry ice. 

Our beef boxes can fit in most freezers. The meat is freezer safe for up to two years, but we recommend you consume it within a year of purchase.

Our beef boxes are shipped to you in 1 box.

We sear our Ribeye directly on the coals and finish it in a cast iron pan with butter and garlic. Then, we slice the beef into strips and top with blue cheese crumbles.

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time to eat

freeze & enjoy

With steakhouse-quality cuts in your freezer, you’ll be ready to cook up all sorts of meals. Visit our recipe page to see what we’re dishing out at Lazy T Ranch.

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Best Quality

at Lazy T Ranch, quality is our passion

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100% Natural

Not only do our cattle eat natural feed their entire lives, but they drink from the ranch’s artesian wells and springs.

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Happy Cows

To create a low-stress environment for our cattle, we ride horseback and move slowly to prevent unnecessary stress. The happier the cow, the better tasting the beef.

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Lazy T Ranch is a family-owned business. We take pride in our history and view the ranch—and its quality of beef—as our legacy.

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No Chemicals or Hormones

Our cattle are raised as naturally as possible. From birth to your table, they're not subject to added chemicals or hormones.

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The Process

Premium Beef Delivered with Ease

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Life on the Ranch

Born and raised at Lazy T Ranch, our cattle feed on grasslands and drink from artesian wells. They summer on the mountain, where they develop a perfect balance of muscle and fat.

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We strive to maintain a low-stress environment for our cattle. Part of this involves transporting them as little as possible. A happy cow makes for better beef.

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Free Shipping & Delivery

After processing, the dry-aged beef is cryo-sealed, packaged with dry ice, and shipped directly to your front door.