The Story of Your Beef

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The story of your beef

We do things the right way

We don't mind that the right way is often the harder way. We devote ourselves by seeing the process all the way through.

From the moment the calf is conceived all the way to the dry aging and packing process, we produce high end quality at a more affordable price.

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Our ranch is blessed with natural spring artesian spring wells and acres of great land for the cattle to graze. The adequate feeding land ensures that our cattle happily roam to eat their 100% organic grass feed.

Our Story - Farm Webflow Template
the story of your beef

Ranch Life

This isn’t a factory but a wild landscape of canyons, grass fields, natural water, and lazy sunsets. Our calves are born and raised on Lazy T Ranch. We closely monitor our Red Angus and always do things the right way. This generally means that it is the harder way, but we are never scared of a little work. We work from horseback, get up early, head to bed late, and do all we can to give the cattle a healthy life . Our passion for quality meat keeps us going.

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ranch features

artesian water & Natural feed

What is artesian water?
Artesian water is natural groundwater, and Lazy T Ranch is blessed to have 14 wells. Artesian wells do not need a pump to extract the water from underground. Instead, the water flows naturally and exits the ground at a high pressure, which helps filter it from contaminants and adds beneficial minerals. So why is it important that cows get clean water? Well, what water would you want to drink?

We have 14 artesian wells spread across the ranch offering our cattle fresh water.

Did you know cows have 3 stomachs that help them further digest food? This allows their bodies to absorb every single nutrient provided by the feed.

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What your cow eats matters

After our cattle have grazed throughout the year, it’s time to send them to the feedlot. Our cattle will go to a local feedlot this year (2022) in Worland, Wyoming, where professional cattle ranchers will closely monitor the cow’s weight and food intake for 120 days. The cattle are fed a mix of grain, corn, silage, and other food. With this feed, the cows are able to put on about 3 lbs a day. This feed helps the cattle develop healthy marbling into the meat, which increases the grade of the meat tremendously.

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ranch features

Transport & Processing center

Our cattle experience transport as little as possible. Minimal transport helps to keep the cattle relaxed, which has a positive correlation with the quality of beef. Luckily, we have everything close by so we never have to transport long distances.

Our processing center is located in east Idaho.

Lazy T Beef is perfectly dry aged for 21 days to enhance not only the flavor, but the tenderness as well.

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dry aging & meat cutter

The cut that counts

Dry aging is a tedious process combining 3 key elements for enhanced results: humidity, air flow, and temperature. Humidity slows down the escape of moisture and helps to maintain the natural juices in the meat. Air flow helps to form a crust around the beef. Temperature control helps to keep the beef at a precise temperature to prevent spoiling. 

Dry aging is a practice that has been around for thousands of years. It allows beef to take on a whole new flavor coupled with the natural break down of enzymes in the beef to improve tenderness.

Moisture is pulled from the beef which creates a crusted outside protecting the interior. This helps the fat portion retain a higher amount of water than that of the leaner causing all the muscle from the lean side to shrink around the fat. The fat then takes on a much more pronounced flavor which gives the beef more flavor overall. This same process is used when dairy farmers and cheese manufacturers are aging their cheeses.

At no extra charge, all our customers’ beef is dry aged for 21 days to provide an even higher quality result. You will experience tenderness you can cut with a fork, enhanced flavor the moment it hits your tongue, and an experience that will continue to bring you back for more.

Quality meat also means quality cuts! Our perfectly marbled meat is sent to our experienced meat cutter to cut, age, and pack your order.

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quality meat shipped to your door

Purchasing beef has never been easier or provided more comfort for the mind. When you purchase your beef from Lazy T Ranch, you not only know where it came from, but who oversaw the entire process from ranch life to shipping. Our shipping is fulfilled through UPS and shipped out on dry ice.

When your beef arrives, you’ll need a good amount of freezer space to properly store your meat. Beef is freezer safe for up to two years, but we recommend consuming the meat within a year of purchase.

Our half-beef is shipped to you across 6-7 boxes.

Extremely tender Ribeye seared directly on a fire, finished in a cast iron basting continually with butter and garlic, and then sliced carefully and topped with high quality blue cheese crumbles. It simply does not get better than this.

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time to eat

freeze & enjoy

With various cuts of beef available to you straight from the freezer, you’ll be ready to crank out all sorts of dishes from fajitas to thick-cut steaks.

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Best Quality

at Lazy T Ranch, quality is our passion

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100% Natural

Our cattle eat natural feed their entire lives and drink from artesian wells and natural springs found across our ranch.

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Happy Cows

We work hard to create a stress-free environment for our cattle. We ride horseback whenever we move our cattle; ATVs and side by sides are not allowed. This provides less stress on the cattle while we work.

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Lazy T Ranch is a family owned and operating business. We take pride in the quality of beef produced here at our ranch.

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No Chemicals or Hormones

Our cattle are raised as naturally as possible. From birth to your table, they're not subject to added chemicals or hormones.

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The Process

From Our ranch to your table

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Life on the Ranch

Our cattle are born and raised on Lazy T ranch; eating from open grasslands and drinking from our artesian wells and naturally flowing springs.

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We strive to transport our cattle as little as possible to maintain a stress-free environment. A happy cow always makes a happy customer.

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Shipping & Delivery

After our cattle are processed, they're shipped to your front door to be enjoyed.