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From the moment I opened the Lazy T Ranch Beef Box, it was clear that quality and care were the top priorities. The steaks were beautifully marbled and cut to perfection, promising a delicious and tender bite. The ground beef, rich and flavorful, was perfect for my family’s favorite dishes. And the assortment of other meats was a delightful surprise, broadening our culinary horizons. Every meal made with these products felt like a celebration. Thank you, Lazy T Ranch, for delivering such outstanding meats right to my doorstep!

Alina Prokuda

I really appreciate the effort put into the packaging to ensure that the beef gets to me frozen. All of it is insanely fresh, but I specifically enjoyed the ribeye. I’m not a great steak cooker, but this steak tasted like it was from a 5-star restaurant.

Brandon Banach

Besides the unique and real taste in their meat, what stood out to me was their commitment to ethical ranching practices and the environment they’ve built for their cattle. They deliver true, ranch-to-table meat.

Joey Wellness

This is seriously some of the best beef I’ve ever had! I tried the Choice New York Strip and a Ribeye, and they were both super tender and juicy. I highly recommend!

I’m not one to write reviews…especially positive reviews. I’ve traveled the world, and I know a good steak when I taste it…then, there’s Lazy T beef. It’s really hard to describe the difference without bias. In short, I never knew that beef could be such a delicacy. Gone is the belief that “a steak is a steak”. The care and nurturing given to the cattle is evident on every tastebud! You just have to taste it to understand it!

Wes Dixon

As a connoisseur of fine wine, and exquisite dining, I was first introduced to the Lazy T beef by happenstance. My pallet erupted with a newfound love for beef! A delicate texture, a all-natural (almost wild) flavor, and a marble never seen before in even the finest cuisine…this is something extraordinary!

Dr. Jenny Dankle

I had the opportunity to visit the Lazy T ranch and it was incredible! The landscape was stunning with hills and large pastures. It was nice to see the cattle living peaceful lives roaming freely in large fields. I even got to meet a couple of the cowboys that were working up there and they were a hard-working, down-to-earth bunch. The meat is amazing. So far I have tried the ribeye, roast, and burger and it is the best meat I’ve ever had. It’s extremely tender and loaded with flavor. It’s the kind of meat you would expect to be served in a very nice steakhouse. I’ll be coming back every year to fill my freezer.

Austin Watkins

Lazy T Beef is a type of beef that is rare to come by. You can tell that these cattle have been cared for and quality matters to those guys more than anything. The marbling was so great helping create phenomenal flavor. Hands down some of the best beef I’ve had. If you have the opportunity to see this ranch take the opportunity. The views here were awesome. There is so much wild game running around and it’s just a great place to visit. If you were to add a photo to the saying “I want to go explore the west” you would see a picture of the Lazy T Ranch with it. This place defines the west.

Blake Marsden

I have been to many ranches in my travels and must say the Lazy T is the most picturesque and beautiful ranch of them all. There is abundant wildlife at the ranch and it thrives. It is like traveling back in time. Looking in any direction the Lazy T does not let the eyes down. The Jenkins family is highly welcoming and dedicated to keeping the ranch an important part of family life. It was great to see how important family is at the Lazy T. Cattle at the Lazy T is the definition of product of its environment. This beef is by far the best I have had. It is definitely 5 star Angus. I find it a rarity to find quality beef like this anywhere. Overall my experience at the Lazy T was wonderful and welcoming. This is definitely a place that I will visit again. I feel I made lifelong friends at this ranch.

Mike Hartman
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Best Quality

at Lazy T Ranch, quality is our passion

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100% Natural

Not only do our cattle eat natural feed their entire lives, but they drink from the ranch’s artesian wells and springs.

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Happy Cows

To create a low-stress environment for our cattle, we ride horseback and move slowly to prevent unnecessary stress. The happier the cow, the better tasting the beef.

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Lazy T Ranch is a family-owned business. We take pride in our history and view the ranch—and its quality of beef—as our legacy.

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No Chemicals or Pesticides

Our cattle are raised as naturally as possible. From birth to your table, they're not subject to added hormones or chemicals.